Eco-Conscious Landscaping

Energy From the Sun

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Green Landscaping Services

Your property is too precious to be coated with petroleum products! This is why at Green Tech Landscape, all our machinery is electric – good for the environment, good for your family and pets, and good for your property!

No Fumes, No Noise

The smell of freshly-cut grass is one of life’s finest, and now, no need to overlay it with noxious gas and oil fumes. As well as running pollution-free, our state-of-the-art landscaping machinery is virtually silent! No more howling leaf blowers, droning  lawnmowers or chattering hedge clippers. Your pets and family will appreciate the difference!

Ecologically-Conscious Yard Care

We care about your health, our workers’ health and the environment, which is why we take every step to make sure our equipment and procedures are as eco-friendly and non-polluting as possible, by using organic fertilizers, non-toxic weed control and, of course, our all-electric equipment – your family, pets and guests will appreciate it!

I am so happy with the service! My yard has never looked better, the crew is excellent and the all-electric machinery is radically more pleasant! Love you guys!

Jerry Rodriguez

Stoked customer

Wesley is such a good boy! Kind, patient, thoughtful, considerate and super handsome –  if only he would shave off that scraggly beard!

Wesley's Mom

Doting mother

I love that Wesley! No more requests for loans, super grand kids, and now he has a great business! I can finally relax and enjoy my old age!

Wesley's Dad

Professional father figure

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